Logo Mareti Boats

In 2018 we presented MARETI BOATS to the public. A new concept in recreational boating comprising lengths from 4 to 8 meters. Although the brand was born at this time, the brand management team accumulates years of experience, to be exact since 1966.

We have combined experience and experience in the sector with the latest technologies in recreational boating.

Since our beginning as MARETI BOATS, our sole objective has been to be able to offer a range of boats in which quality predominates, above all. Each and every one of the boats are manufactured under the most demanding and meticulous controls required by the regulations of the European community. All the boats that leave our facilities are the result of meticulous effort and experience in shipbuilding that allows us to compete in an increasingly complicated market.

founder mareti

Robustness, quality, design and exclusivity are the pillars that support MARETI BOATS.

A future of illusion leads us to be in continuous design and development of new models, applying the most advanced manufacturing systems and offering a strong and resistant product to enjoy the sea and our coasts.

Our OPEN – BOWRIDER – CABIN and TIMONERI ranges offer a wide range of possibilities in recreational boating. We offer you to enjoy and get to know the sea in a different way, through sports (fishing, diving, skiing, etc.) or in a more relaxed way with excursions, baths or sunsets.